sell diabetic test strips and other supplies today!

US Medical Excess will pay top dollar for your unused diabetic test strips, diabetic lancets and other diabetic supplies.

Getting cash for diabetic test strips has never been easier with our convenient selling platform. Unlike other test strip buyers, we purchase a variety of brands, conditions, and expiration dates.  

Recycle Your Diabetic Test Strips

Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips?

We buy diabetic test strips! For a variety of reasons, many people with diabetes end up with lots of extra diabetic supplies that never get used. Usually these surplus products get thrown away or left to expire. Most people don’t realize that they could be getting cash for test strips, and other supplies, while they assist diabetics in need. A great deal of people living with diabetes cannot afford the retail pricing for their health care products. US Medical Excess wants to make inflated health care products more affordable with the products that we purchase from you. We are a helping hand on both ends; paying you for your excess supplies, and supplying affordable health care to others.

Cash For Test Strips

Cash For Diabetic Test Strips

At US Medical Excess, we purchase almost all conditions and shorter dated products. Although the highest payouts will come from new boxes with later expiration dates, we still buy diabetic supplies that are in not-so-perfect conditions. We never want your diabetic supplies going to waste!

Select Your Supplies

Select the supplies you want to sell from our catalog. Inspect them to make sure they meet the specific product requirements. Fill out the necessary information on the check-out page and simply submit your order.

Ship Them Off

You will receive a prepaid shipping label in your email shortly after you submit your order. We pay for shipping, so the process is as easy as it can be! Once you have secured your products in a box, you can ship out your package.

Get Paid Same Day

Once we receive your items, we will verify the contents of your shipment and pay out the same day! We pay via a variety of payment methods, including Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, Google Pay, Zelle, Apple Pay, check, and bank wire (orders exceeding $1000)

Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips Securely

A Safe & Secure Way To Sell Diabetic Supplies

US Medical Excess values our customers, so that's why we provide a safe, easy and profitable medium for selling diabetic supplies. There's no need to make yourself uncomfortable by meeting up with strangers, or settling for inferior prices. We prioritize great customer service and communication, as well as being an all-around hassle-free platform.

Free Shipping

To make your selling experience as profitable as possible, we provide a totally free, prepaid shipping label. At checkout, you will have the option between receiving either a USPS or FedEx label. After receiving your prepaid label, package your supplies securely and either take your package to your local post office or give it to your mail man! Want to check on the status of your shipment? Simply use the tracking number on the label or in the email we send you to track your package.

Ready to start selling?

You could be ready to ship your diabetic supplies in as little as 5 minutes!

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