There are price differences between mint condition, slightly damaged, and damaged diabetic supplies. Mint condition is considered perfect condition, no marks/tears/scratches/dents, etc.

Slight damage would be any small creases, scratches, tear on one side of the box (nail head size), etc. We pay 50% of quoted price for these.

Major damage would be considered big creases, scratches, multiple tears, flaws on multiple sides of the box, and pen ink. We pay 25% of quoted price for these. Some products with major damage cannot be purchased, so make sure to check specific product descriptions to see if we purchase your damaged supplies.

We do not accept international product or product that has been opened, water damaged, or expired. If you send unacceptable products, we will donate them. We will not pay for them to be shipped back to you.

The answer is yes. Many diabetic supplies are sold over the counter at major retailers with no need for a prescription to obtain them. Supplies that have been paid for by Medicaid or Medicare cannot be purchased or sold legally.

No! We will professionally remove them and dispose of them. You are a valued client and we will keep your information confidential!

If you want to block out your information, you can do so with a pen. Please take care to not get ink on the boxes as this will lower the value.

Damage caused by removing or ripping off pharmacy labels will be priced according to our damage guidelines.

Your supplies go on to help other diabetics in need. We sell them at a reduced price to people who aren’t covered by insurance. Retail prices are very inflated, so we want to help people who otherwise couldn’t afford their healthcare products.

We can pay you via Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, Googlepay, Applepay, or check. If your order exceeds $1,000, we can pay you via Paypal, Check, or wire transfer. Please note that Paypal charges a 2.9% fee to the seller. US Medical Excess is not responsible for this.

We will pay you the same business day that your products are received by us. Checks will be mailed the next business day.

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